Inspection & Measurement

Compact Operator Panel Added to Process Monitoring System Family

Marposs adds the IPC4 compact operator panel to serve as a user interface for its Genior Modular monitoring system tools.

Hot Runners

Workflow and Quality Count

A recent visit to a hot runner systems and solutions provider proved the importance of workflow and quality to a production facility’s layout.

Electronics Revenue Projects Modest Growth in 2018

Forecasts of electronics industry spending have steadied, but recent Gardner data signals expansion may be just ahead.

Business Strategy

Statistics Uphold Mexico’s Importance in Plastics Industry

Did you know that Mexico is the world’s second largest importer of molds and tools?

Gardner Industry Report: Medical & Electronics

Medical device firms with 50 employees or fewer are producing less than firms with at least 100 employees. Electronics will likely grow in the second half of 2017.

Consumer Products and Electronics

Consumer goods production to remain weak, while electronics production should grow faster.

Business Strategy

Appliances and Electronics

Appliance production growth should slow this year, but is electronics production poised to grow faster?

Packaging and Electronics

Stong food/beverage industry means more packaging; electronics seeing weak growth.

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Reshoring to... Mexico?

As I walked the Plastec West Show in Anaheim a little over a week ago and talked with mold builders who were there, I had more than one conversation that revolved around how busy their shops were and about the reshoring of manufacturing that’s going on.

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Electronics and Automotive

Electronics could see stronger growth, while automotive production likely to slow in 2016.

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Consumer Goods and Electronics

Packaging to see stable growth; electronics likely to remain soft.

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Electronics and Consumer Goods

Electronics poised for a rebound; consumer goods production also should improve in 2015.

Automotive and Electronics

Both automotive production and electronics are seeing slower growth.

Business Strategy

Moldmaking Opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and China

Use this data and analysis to help develop a strategic vision for what foreign markets you should explore to grow your sales beyond the U.S.

Maintenance & Repair

In the Trenches: Tools of the Trade

Equipping yourself with the right tools for the job requires time, practice, ownership and maintenance.

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Total MBI for April 2014


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Medical Care and Electronics

Industrial production of medical equipment has been growing at a decelerating rate since June 2013.

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Energy and Electronics

Energy is Leading American Manufacturing; Electronics Receives Reshoring Support

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End Market Reports: Computer and Medical

U.S. Computer Industry Emerging from Slump; Production of Medical Supplies and Equipment Is Accelerating

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Automotive/Transportation & Electronics/Computer

Light Vehicle Sales: Steady, Not Great; Computer Production Hits a Lull

Workforce Development

Social Networking, Industry Participation Keys to Moldmaker’s Success

Industrial Mold & Machine (IMM; Twinsburg, OH) considers itself fairly diverse. A majority of the company’s work is smaller molds (under 400 tons) in industries like appliance, computer/business equipment, electronics, lawn and garden, marine, medical/optical/dental, telecommunications and toys.

Design & Mfg. Software

Case Study: Software

CAM Package Streamlines Five-Axis Machining for Electronics/Medical Moldmaker

Workforce Development

How to Return Manufacturing Jobs to the U.S.: Experts Give Details at Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA Forum

The good news is that increasingly savvy manufacturers are able to root out troublesome costs and problems from their products earlier and earlier in a lifecycle that starts even before a computer model is created—and ends with finished automobiles, appliances and other goods.


Case Study / Inspection & Measurement

Using Portable CMM Technology to Improve Moldmaking Processes

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