Big Kaiser Launches Online Customer Chat

Customers can now have direct access to Big Kaiser agents during normal business hours for application support, tool presetting, pricing and availability and more.

Hot Runners

Workflow and Quality Count

A recent visit to a hot runner systems and solutions provider proved the importance of workflow and quality to a production facility’s layout.

Business Strategy

OrderFox.com Launches Machinery Exchange

OrderFox.com developed a new feature that will provide value to platform users researching, advertising and selling and buying machines.

Why a Decrease in Consumer Savings Is Good for Consumer Products

Consumer products goods companies should expect to do well in 2018.

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Statistics Uphold Mexico’s Importance in Plastics Industry

Did you know that Mexico is the world’s second largest importer of molds and tools?

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Mexico: Manufacturing Mecca to the South

A mold-building perspective on Mexico’s manufacturing opportunities, trends and challenges.

End Market Reports: Automotive & Consumer Products

Automotive manufacturers may be hedging their output despite strong new order demand. Gardner Business Intelligence’s (GBI) review of consumer confidence, employment and credit markets all point to a strong 2017 for consumer spending.

Consumer Products and Electronics

Consumer goods production to remain weak, while electronics production should grow faster.

Medical and Consumer Goods

Slower growth ahead for medical and consumer goods production.

One Word: Plastics

Plastics is still king, and the latest U.S. Size and Impact Report from the Plastics Industry Association has the numbers to prove it.

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Consumer Goods and Medical

Consumer goods production likely to grow slower, while medical production continues to grow significantly.

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Consumer Goods and Automotive

Slower growth expected for production in both of these markets.

When Great Plastic Products Fail

Not too long ago I blogged about how moldmakers are often approached by entrepreneurial types with no manufacturing background about building molds for new product “inventions”. I also touched on the fact that many moldmakers themselves invent things, and I requested personal stories from readers. This is about a great product that didn’t do so great.

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Consumer Goods and Medical

Consumer goods production should grow, while medical equipment production continues to slow.

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Consumer Goods and Electronics

Packaging to see stable growth; electronics likely to remain soft.

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Consumer Goods and Automotive

Consumer goods spending should continue; automotive production should return to growth.

A Modern Moldmaking Trend

Moldmakers continue to pursue adding processing capabilities—whether for sampling or production molding. One shop’s journey spells out all the required investments.

Business Strategy

Electronics and Consumer Goods

Electronics poised for a rebound; consumer goods production also should improve in 2015.

Consumer Goods and Medical

Consumer goods production and medical care spending are both growing rapidly.

Design & Mfg. Software

Competition is Good

Losing business overseas motivated this moldmaker to re-engineer its tools, improve its processes and stand by its customer, ultimately winning the business back.

Business Strategy

Moldmaking Opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and China

Use this data and analysis to help develop a strategic vision for what foreign markets you should explore to grow your sales beyond the U.S.

Data Management Software

A Look Inside Managing Mold Shop Work Flow

Moldmaker discovers the ease and power of the cloud, by using it to better predict, schedule and manage job flow.

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Total MBI for April 2014


Maintenance & Repair

In the Trenches: Tools of the Trade

Equipping yourself with the right tools for the job requires time, practice, ownership and maintenance.

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