Inspection & Measurement

Improve Overall Inspection with Automated Measurement

Automated shop floor inspection and measurement technologies are leading mold builders to smart manufacturing.

MMT Chat: Bottle Expertise Gives Way to Test Kit Work

  MoldMaking Technology’s Christina Fuges chats with some of the M.C. Molds team—Vice President of Operations Dave Keesaer, Sales Manager Eric West and General Manager of Manufacturing Joe Palazzolo—about current business levels, employee safety and morale, and recent and upcoming COVID-19 tooling projects that capitalize on the shop’s extrusion blow mold specialty.      


How to Design and Analyze the Right Clamping System

The use of innovative clamping systems to optimize the moldmaking production process requires consideration of five factors based on Industry 4.0 principles.

Design & Mfg. Software

How to Design High-Efficiency Capabilities into an Injection Mold/Molding System

Mold builders can boost profits and part quality with expert analysis and optimization techniques.

Inspection & Measurement

3 Lessons Learned about On-Machine Inspection

A prototyping specialist shares its success with on-machine inspection that it believes can apply to many shops.

Inspection & Measurement

RFP Fringe Probe Increases Flexibility of 5-Axis System

Renishaw Inc. outlines the advantages of its RFP fringe probe, designed for use with the REVO five-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines.

MMT Chat: Vials for the Vaccine/Antibody Testing

COVID has made work a little more challenging but it is also teaching teams “to do things a little bit differently” so they can turn jobs around a lot faster. MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges chatted with one Illinois mold builder and molder who did not take on PPE, but instead, focused on tooling for vials used to collect DNA for vaccine/antibody development.

Design & Mfg. Software

Moldflow Analysis Solves Part Design Concerns

CAE Services uses Moldflow to analyze, identify and solve part design or warpage related concerns before cutting steel.

Inspection & Measurement

Coordinate Metrology Society Launches 3DMU Learning Portal

The Coordinate Metrology Society announces their newest training asset, 3D Measurement U, an online video training resource for the organization, educators and metrology practitioners, in partnership with Quality Digest. 

NVision, Inc. Accelerates PPE Production with 3D Laser Scanning

In one recent project, NVision Inc. provided engineering services to a Texas PPE manufacturer, helping accelerate the company’s production of a much-needed protective mask earmarked for medical personnel.

MGS Leverages Vertical Integration to Quickly Scale Critical Part Production

Offering deep competencies in complex tooling, molding, and equipment solutions, MGS is playing a critical role in supporting significant increases in demand for test kits and ventilators that are essential to reopening the U.S. economy.

Crafts Technology Releases Video, Webinar Details

As continued follow-up to the story of rush-producing tungsten carbide core pin tooling to be used in an injection mold to manufacture vials for coronavirus testing, Crafts Technology has now has released a video to visually depict the story.

Mold Components

COVID-19 Gives Mold Component Supplier Its Most Consequential Order Ever

The pandemic has presented challenges to every link in the mold manufacturing supply chain and those companies in a position to help have put their teams and processes to the test, including mold component suppliers.

Rush-Produced Core Pin Tooling Proves Critical for COVID-19 Test Kit Production

I can't help but share another news release that came across my desk, as it again showcases the essential role of mold component suppliers in the development of tooling to make products and equipment to fight the coronavirus in record times.

Design & Mfg. Software

Use Core-Shift Analysis to Avoid Expensive Defects and Failures

The right simulation tool will show what is happening inside a cavity to reveal the root cause of problems before they occur.

Coordinate Metrology Society Launches Certification Programs

The Coordinate Metrology Society, announced the launch of the industry’s first Level-One and Level-Two Certifications for traditional coordinate measuring machine professionals.


On-Machine Inspection Eliminates Machine Interruption

Jingdiao’s online measurement and intelligent modification technology measures parts on the machine, eliminating interruption of the continuous production process.

Inspection & Measurement

On-Machine In-Process Inspection Improves Machining Accuracy

High-speed machining with on-machine in-process inspection, machining management, and control technology reduces machining time and eliminates manual bench work.

Design & Mfg. Software

Tech Trends: Suitable Software

CAM software programs and updates from Autodesk, Inc., CAM-TOOL by CGS North America, Inc., and CGTech provide a range of features, including independent operation, reduced cycle times and easier machining programming, simulation and verification.

Inspection & Measurement

Cavity Pressure Sensor Ideal for Tightly Packed Ejector Pins

RJG releases a 250 lb 6 mm cavity pressure sensor ideal for high cavitation molds with small, tightly packed ejector pins so users can measure cavity pressure in order to improve quality and reduce costs.

Inspection & Measurement

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine Operates Without Compressed Air

Mitutoyo America Corporation releases the MiSTAR 555 CNC shop floor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to its CMM product line that operates without compressed air and on conventional 120V 20 AMP electrical service with movement speeds of 606mm/s and acceleration of 2,695mm/s² (3D).

CIMdata Publishes CGTech VERICUT eBook

CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic consulting and research firm has released an eBook focused on CGTech’s numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification and optimization solution suite, Vericut.

Design & Mfg. Software

Software Update Gives Users Sharper View of the Machining Process

CGTech announces the latest release of VERICUT software, Version 9.0. Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimization software simulates all types of CNC machining, additive and hybrid manufacturing processes.

Business Strategy

Establishing a Cyber-Secure Moldmaking Operation

Mold builders must understand subnetwork setup, threat and risk analysis, and support structures to protect its data.