Mold Components

Hydraulic Mechanical Quick Mold Change for Aluminum Molds

The PFA Hydra-Jaws QMC system replaces common mechanical clamp systems and through bolt fastening methods with an easy-to-operate hydraulic mechanical clamping system.

Aluminum Plates Ideal for Molding and Tooling Industry

Vista Metals Corp. supplies the widest range of cast aluminum plate products to the molding and tooling industry.

High-Strength Aluminum Series Ideal for Various Mold Types

Constellium offers its Alumold series of high-strength aluminum. Alumold is available in a range of grades, enabling its use for specific types of molds.

Materion Webinar on Maximizing Results with Copper Alloy Molds

This webinar from Materion, November 6 at 2 pm, will focus on the various copper alloys used in the plastic molding industry.

Aluminum Mold Plate Materials to Be Featured at Amerimold

Clinton Aluminum to feature a variety of aluminum plate options for molds and plans for expansion.

Strength of Copper Mold Alloys Enable Shorter Cycle Times

Materion says that a combination of thermal conductivity and strength in its mold alloys provide shorter cycle times, corrosion resistance and other benefits.

Range of Aluminum Alloys on Display

Ellwood Specialty Steel has a range of aluminum alloys on display at Amerimold, including Alumold 500.

Dual Spindle Edge Milling Machine Offers Speed and Accuracy

Superior Die expands its mold plate machining services by investing in a precision dual spindle edge milling machine that boosts machining accuracy, reduces lead times and lowers costs.

Strategic Shifts Enable Transition to Full Plastic Molding

Edro has become the exclusive distributor of Bohler tool steels and a distributor for all MoldMAX Alloys for plastic applications in Europe and North America. It has also added a warehouse in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Mix of Mold Plate Materials On Display

Clinton Aluminum Steel has cast products and heavy, forged plates on display in its booth at NPE2018.

Plastic Mold and Tooling Alloys Featured

Materion has the MoldMax product line on display at NPE2018 in booth W5966.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printer Makes Castable Wax Patterns for Creation of Master Molds

Solidcape says that the S500 3D Printer Package enables shops to create accurate, complex, precise wax patterns that can be directly cast in most metals and alloys.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase – Mold Materials

Tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys are some of the materials used to manufacturing molds, and the choice of materials to use is critical to the overall performance of the mold.

Surface Treatment

Laser Engraving’s Many Uses

In this laser engraving video, see a large variety of laser engraving applications demonstrated on a multitude of alloys including tool steels and precious metals.

September Digital Edition Is Available

This month features articles on how to justify an EDM upgrade, data-driven moldmaking, aluminum tooling, strategies for closing the skills gap, and much more. Check out these five great tips from this issue.

Lessons Learned with Aluminum Tooling

Developing a team business plan and making changes to design, operation and maintenance procedures help increase the chances for a successful aluminum mold project.

Aluminum Welding

The use of aluminum tooling is becoming more common. Choosing the right wire and the right welding technique will produce the most effective mold repair.

Copper Alloys for Injection, Thermoform and Blow Molds

June 23 at 2pm EST, MoldMaking Technology is hosting a webinar that will review the strengths and weaknesses of the copper alloys used in plastic molding today. Register here.

MMT's May Digital Edition Is Now Available

This month we look at how simulation of both the induction heating and injection molding processes can optimize cycle time and final part results; how normal vectors are not always the best choice for milling complex mold surfaces; how hard-coating provides benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel, how tool center point management streamlines five-axis programming and setup, and much more.

Surface Treatment

Expanding Aluminum’s Potential

Hard-coating provides a number of benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel.

How to Bridge the Gap with Aluminum Tooling

Whether you call it bridge tooling, soft tooling, pilot production, semi-production or aluminum production tooling, it still refers to producing pre-production quantities of plastic products with potential final part volumes in the millions.

Mold Components

Reaching the Next Level of Efficient Machining

Clamping devices can help to achieve fast and efficient mold plate and cavity/core insert changes during machining.

MoldMaking Technology's March Digital Ed Is Now Available!

MoldMaking Technology's March issue features technical articles on texture repair, aluminum tooling, building a mold in fewer setups, how not to troubleshoot in mold maintenance, moldmaking opportunities in NAFTA markets, and much more.

Is Your Concept of Production Costing You Money?

Common misconceptions about aluminum tooling may affect your next mold material selection.

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