Free Amerimold 2019 Workshop: Developing Talent from Within

June 12 - 12, 2019





MoldMaking Technology gave the industry a taste of one small mold manufacturer’s unique approach to solving the skills gap with a feature article and video, now come to Amerimold to meet the 2014 Leadtime Leader Award Winner and Westminster Tool's Director of Talent Development, Kylee Carbone, who helped develop this successful strategy and take a deeper dive into how it all works.

Westminster Tool’s talent development system has allowed them to create a backlog of new candidates, during a nationwide workforce shortage. The Westminster Tool process attracts the right people during the hiring process, and gives employees the tools to improve proficiency of self and develop their careers within the organization. The shop is attracting, growing and retaining a team with an average age of under 35 while improving its business performance. Westminster Tool has transformed its workforce from a group of inexperienced enthusiastic employees to a high-performing team. Since embarking on the journey of developing talent, the company has seen a 60-percent increase in throughput per person. This seminar will provide actionable insights for attendees to adapt or improve upon their talent development approach and will focus on the following: becoming an employer of choice, developing a strong foundation and retaining talent.

Donald E Stephens Convention Center
5555 N River Road
Rosemont, IL United States of America