Windage Analysis for Tight-Tolerance Applications

June 15, 2021 |

During the health care challenges of the past year, CAE Services Corporation was called upon to work on several parts for the Ventec Life Systems ventilator.

With 700 parts required to make one ventilator—many of which are injection-molded—the task to ramp up tooling and production was monumental. The part CAE analyzed was a critical component for the oxygen-metering valve assembly.


  • How moldflow is used in solving tight warpage tolerances using windage and CAD morphing
  • Factors used in determining when to use windage
  • Determining shrinkage number for best results
  • Correlation of final molded samples with windage analysis

Presenter 1:

Tim Lankisch

Director of Engineering

B.S. physics and A.A. mathematics; 27 years at CAE Services; Moldflow (expert-certified); Trained over 15 expert-certified engineers; Trade magazine contributor; Moldflow Summit presenter.