It’s About your Part!

March 14

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It’s a fact – plastic parts warp! Realizing the problem at the press is way too late…

Who pays the price for excessive warpage and missed target dates?


The key to reducing costs and keeping your project on schedule is to identify warpage issues prior to mold sourcing and cutting steel.  In this webinar, the steps required to identify and solve part design and warpage-related issues will be reviewed.  Specifically, you will learn:

Primary Topics:

  • What causes warpage?
  • How part design impacts warpage
  • How cooling impacts warpage
  • How to reduce warpage
  • Importance of proper material data
  • When to consider cooling inserts

Presenter:  Tim Lankisch has been with CAE Services Corporation for over twenty years and currently serves as the Director of Engineering.  Celebrating 30 years, CAE Services has been providing Moldflow analysis services in North America since its founding in 1988.