MoldTrax Mold Maintenance and Repair Training

March 31 - April 03, 2020


The ToolingDocs Mold Repair Certification Training is a four-day program that introduces a proven maintenance methodology including rigorous, hands-on training and how to correctly identify and document typical mold issues.

Attendees working in two-man teams will be required to accurately disassemble, evaluate, measure then record discoveries made during on a 32-cavity, 3-plate mold with tapered shut-offs using the appropriate (supplied) hand tools.

Students will work through all of the eight stages of Systemized Mold Maintenance, and determine appropriate corrective actions while applying the troubleshooting and bench techniques learned throughout the course.



  • Eight Stages of Systemized Mold Maintenance, what are they and why is sequence important

  • Bench practices and techniques when working on molds including precision tools

  • How to clean molds efficiently using dry ice, ultra-sonic and plastic media technology

  • How to perform a restriction flow analysis of mold cooling channels

  • How defect position tracking uncovers patterns and trends of repeating mold problems

  • What is laminar plastic flow and how it can create many part problems such as flash, non-fill etc…

  • Why craftsmanship and pride in ones work is critical to the performance of molds

  • Basic mold types and component terminology

  • Shop and bench design ideas


Ashland, OH