Standard Mold Components New Capabilities, with Economies in Mind, While Delivering Convenience

October 23

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Have you found yourself asking this statement? “Are our molds too big for standard product portfolios?” 
Standardization of mold base, mold plates and components have the advantage of ordering quickly and economically off the shelf items. 
Mold designers and mold builders can use this standardization concept further with the many components required to make even the larger molds. 
The standards will free up more time and money for other machining requirements within the mold build. 

Primary Topics: 
- Standard components for mold assemblies. 
- When space is valuable, standard components come to the rescue. 
- Standard components for large mold assemblies. 
- Plate sequencing and core movement with standard components. 

Presenter: Brenda Clark 
Brenda Clark is the Engineering Manager at HASCO America in Fletcher, NC. She has in the last 13 years held many important positions at HASCO, designing and building plastic injection molds for over 36 years. Specialties include areas of standard mold bases and components – metric and inch, technical specialty components for special mold base operations, hot runner systems, customer service and application reviews for new and old molds. 
Brenda is a mold designer by trade with a degree for Machine Design in Mechanical Technology from Hartford State Technical College. 
She is the past Chair of SPE Mold Technologies Division 2017-2018.