iD Additives Open House

October 11 - 11, 2019


iD Additives, Inc., a leading North American supplier of additives including foaming agents, purging compounds and rust remover and preventatives, has announced it will hold an open house Friday, October 11, 10 am — 3 pm CST, at its warehouse in Aurora, IL.

The open house will feature live demonstrations of iD Eco-Pro 360, the company’s eco-friendly rust remover and preventative, with the Eco-Pro pump/filter system for flushing out internal cooling passages in tools, heat exchangers and more. Technical Manager Bryan Whitaker will lead the demonstrations answer any and all questions from attendees.

The open house is FREE to attend, lunch and beverages will be served and a Yeti cooler will be raffled off to attendees. For safety reasons, closed toe shoes must be worn; sandals, heels, etc. will not be allowed. Long pants are also recommended (no shorts or skirts).

RSVP by October 4, 2019 by telephone, (708) 588-0081 or by email at


iD Additives Warehouse
1500 Dearborn Road, Building #14
Aurora, IL United States of America
(708) 588-0081