Optimize CNC Machining With the Latest Tools from Autodesk

November 13

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Please join us for this informative webinar highlighting the latest offering of Autodesk PowerMill. The 2019.1 release provides new tools to interactively manage and avoid collisions involving the workpiece and cutting tool assembly. We will demonstrate this and how to manage stock and clamps more efficiently with enhanced machining setups. In addition, we will show you how to create probing toolpaths to measure CNC machined parts using spindle mounted probes to validate the quality of machined part.  

Attendees to this webinar will learn how to: 
1. Better identify where optimizing tool vector orientation or cutting tool definition will improve results 
2. Create surface probing routines to verify parts using spindle mounted probes 
3. Automatically create smooth, more stable machine motion when using new Automatic Tool Axis Collision Avoidance 

Presenter: Guy Buttle 
Guy has a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Birmingham and has recently joined Autodesk permanently working as a Technical Consultant after a year long placement in 2016. Working with the Professional Services and Advanced Consulting team Guy has had the opportunity to support several executive accounts in Aerospace, Automotive and Tool and Mold. He has expertise in both CNC and Additive manufacturing processes and knowledge on Autodesk programs for CAD, CAM, Additive, Generative Design, Inspection and Simulation.