Industry-Driven Approach to Manufacturing Education to Fill the Skills Gap: Key Elements of a State Skills Strategy

June 02 - 02, 2015 | -

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The Michigan Advanced Technician Training program (MAT²®) is an innovative and industry-defined approach to education. Manufacturing and technology companies are experiencing a shortage of employees with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to operate and maintain new systems-based equipment and technologies. MAT²’s educational model was developed in conjunction with global technology leaders that combines theory, practice and work to train a globally competitive workforce by: allowing companies to "grow their own" employees and ensure a future pipeline of qualified talent; directly involving employers in the development and execution of a hands-on, competency-based education and training program, creating highly skilled, capable, and readily employable graduates; offering an economically feasible option to training, ultimately reducing recruitment, retention and training costs; establishing Michigan as an education innovator and global competitor; and, creating a nationally accredited program, in which students receive an associate degree, along with other accreditations where applicable. Listen to learn about this unique program, its participants and how others can get involved to bring this to their area.