Tools for Excellence | Mold Design Tools to Help YOU Excel in Today’s Competitive Tooling Market

May 31, 2017

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Mold Designers – are you good at your job? Of course you are! But, the question is – could you be better? The reality is you are only as good as the tools you have been given to do your job. Are the tools that YOU are using better than your competitors? Join this free webinar and see mold design tools and applications that you can use to help you excel in today’s competitive tooling market.

Primary Topics: 1. Analyzing parts for pitfalls 2. Geometry modifications made easier 3. Splitting parts…quickly 4. Why surfacing is a must 5. How to add parts in quantity 6. Special functions for molds 7. The ECO Process

Presenter: Dan Branch

Dan Branch is the Support Manager for 3D Systems, Cimatron Software. Dan has 30 years of tooling experience, the last 20 of which has been spent working for Cimatron assisting mold makers identify and implement improved design and manufacturing processes, as well as providing customers with world-class technical support.