Innovations in Metal 3D Printing: Machines, Processes and Applications

September 27

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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) has come a long way from early systems performing sintering-like processes to fully melting metal powder. With the advances in not only the machine, software and lasers, the applications have grown exponentially especially in the aerospace and medical industries. EOS takes a closer look at the past, current and future status of DMLS. Since powder is a common feedstock, we need to understand what powder properties matter. The unique nature of AM has opened a plethora of options in materials never seen before. 

Primary Topics: 
1) History and future of Metal 3D Printing 
2) New materials using DMLS 
3) Powder characteristics 
4) Successful AM applications 

Presenter: Dr. Ankit Saharan 
Dr. Ankit Saharan, Manager of Research and Applications Development at EOS North America, manages system, materials and process research and development for customers applying 3D printing to their business. 

Since joining EOS, Ankit has worked to accelerate the realization of the digital age of manufacturing, from developing advanced materials to developing processes that will advance automation in additive manufacturing (AM) applications, with a focus on metals. He has led teams that developed benchmarking, researching and developing applications for metal 3D printing, and filed several patents including automated compaction of powder in AM systems and powder spreadability measurements. He is also responsible for managing EOS relationships with external development partners in North America.