What’s Old Is New Again

Much of the content we bring you every month is timeless, so revisiting it is probably a good strategy to put into practice.


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The expression “what’s old is new again” has rung true for me lately, having had numerous conversations with readers that involved revisiting topics previously covered in MoldMaking Technology (with some dating back to our very early years). This has not only reaffirmed for me the value of the content we bring to you every month; it has shown me that much of it is timeless, or evergreen, as we like to refer to it in the publishing world. That means that whether the “old” article is about an established technology, continuing trend, proven strategy or existing process, you can still apply it to your operations today. And let’s face it, you’re busy and cannot always read, or absorb, every bit of information we share each month, so revisiting content is probably a good strategy to put into practice.

It was during a team meeting held at Amerimold this past June that guest speaker Tim Krieger, president of Krieger Craftsman and our current Leadtime Leader, practically looked me in the eye and said, “You have so much good content, and we have such little free time, that you need to repeat your articles in some form so we don’t miss anything.”  

This got me thinking. Soon after this conversation, we started Throwback Thursdays each week on our daily blog to promote past articles. Then, as a result of the research required to support MMT’s upcoming move to a responsive website, I was reminded of the variety of series content we have produced over the years, much of which is still applicable today. Following are ones that surfaced during this site-searching exercise, which I thought I’d share with you to get you started on your “throwback strategy.” You can use the MMT site’s Search function to find these titles:

1. Working on My Business
2. Polishing Pointers
3. Activity-based Costing 
4. Growth Strategies for the U.S. Moldmaker
5. Across the Bench
6. In the Trenches
7. Global Market Opportunities
8. Pellet to Part
9. Finding, Training & Retaining Employees
10. Under the Scope
11. Keeping Up with ISO
12. The Bottom Line

What more appropriate time of year than back-to-school time to brush up on some strategies, processes and technologies that you may have missed over the years, or those that, to this day, you have still not tried or implemented?