Time to Socialize

The use of social media to market services, products and expertise is growing.


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. . . and I don’t mean at Amerimold, although I am hoping to see all of you there this June 15-16, in Novi, Michigan (amerimoldexpo.com). The socializing I am referring to involves social media. 
To socialize means to mix actively in a group with others, to organize group participation, interact, converse, meet, etc. For me, it’s all about building a community in which to share and learn from each other. It’s also about marketing the services, products and expertise we offer to this community. And the use of social media to do just that is growing. 

For five years, Gardner Business Media has been conducting an annual survey on the media usage trends of its manufacturing audiences, and each year social media usage has increased. More and more of those in manufacturing use their mobile devices to communicate, work, research, buy and sell. Think about your day. How often are you using a mobile device to check email, look up general industry information and news, or research products or processes? This alone may make the case for establishing a presence for your company on multiple social media platforms that can be accessed on-the-go by potential customers and partners. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. I know from personal experience that it can seem overwhelming at first, but once you put a plan in place and share the responsibility, it gets easier.  

I noticed that most of the nominees in this year’s annual Leadtime Leader Awards competition use social media as part of their marketing strategies. They share company news and event photos, get creative with GoPro cameras, promote industry videos, upload job postings, connect with leaders in the trade, and support education, just to name a few strategies.

At MMT, our social media outlets have increasingly driven traffic to our website each year…with minimal effort on our part. This year, the MMT team has developed a plan to increase and improve our use of social media to more effectively build our brand and bring together the moldmaking community. 

Currently, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter (@MMTMag) and YouTube. You can also find me (@MMT_ChristinaF) and Senior Editor Cyndi Kustush (@MMT_CyndiK) on Twitter and LinkedIn. Look us up, like us, follow us, comment, reply and share. Then, if you’re on social media, we’ll like you back! Long gone are the days when you could ignore the impact of social media on your business, image and community. It’s time to give in and get socializing.