Things are Taking Shape at Amerimold

By that I mean that an expanded focus is forming. One that brings processing into the picture alongside our mix of technologies and strategies for designing, building and maintaining molds.


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When we launched this magazine almost 18 years ago, our mission was to cover technologies and strategies for moldmaking “from design to first shot.” That still holds true today, as many readers are not only involved in moldmaking, but in molding as well. Mold manufacturing is not limited to only understanding how to design and build molds. It involves a skill set and knowledge base for properly maintaining and processing those molds to produce a quality end product for customers. MMT strives to educate moldmakers on what they need to know about molding. Our monthly Pellet 2 Part column is just one example of how we try to do this. The annual Amerimold expo is another.  

Amerimold 2015 is your event if you are involved in buying, designing, building, maintaining, processing or repairing molds. We invite you to join the MMT team as we present the 17th annual Amerimold expo at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, June 17-18, to connect the people, the products and the processes that make molds.  

New this year is the co-location of the Molding 2015 conference, focused on innovations in injection molding for consumer and industrial products. Four conference sessions will look at medical and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, emerging molding technologies, improving your mold business and value-added molding. The moldmaking portion of the technical conference still follows our Engineer, Build, Maintain categorization, but it is expanded to 24 technology sessions and two half-day workshops. Topics range from differences in mold steels and scientific runner design to high efficiency roughing and laser texturing. Workshops deep-dive into a step-by-step process for programming 3D parts and ways to make maintenance profitable.

The Exhibit Hall will again be home to top technology providers in software, additive manufacturing,  machine tools, cutting tools, mold materials, components, hot runners, inspection/measurement equipment, surface treatment, and mold maintenance and repair technologies and services that today’s mold builders need to thrive in this competitive marketplace (see pages 50-59 for technology highlights).

Finally, don’t forget our annual casino-themed networking party, the unveiling of our 2015 “Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker” T-shirts and the awards ceremony for this year’s Leadtime Leader winners, sponsored by Progressive Components. Visit amerimoldexpo.com for full event details and to register today!