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NASCAR and new officers move SAM to the next level in spreading the word about American manufacturing.


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SAM-USA is working to build awareness by initiating talks with NASCAR™. The concept would allow mid-size American manufacturers to use the promotional power of NASCAR to strengthen brand recognition, appeal to a wide audience of American consumers and leverage the advertising message with the pro-American manufacturing message of the American Manufacturers Racing Alliance (AMRA). A number of factors make NASCAR™ a good choice for the combined objectives of brand building, brand promotion and support of American manufacturing:

  • NASCAR is the largest spectator sport in the country with seventy-five million fans comprising one-third of the U.S. population.
  • The audience is a substantial number of blue collars, conservatives and patriots. They already are oriented toward the message the sponsor wants to get across.
  • NASCAR is the only sports brand that thrills fans and creates a powerful connection with traditional values they admire. Drivers, unlike some other professional sports figures, demonstrate honorable down-to-earth values that lead to a feeling among fans of belonging to the uniquely American NASCAR family.
  • As the largest spectator sport, NASCAR can get the word out quickly. Larger NASCAR races draw larger crowds than the Super Bowl, NBA Finals and World Series games combined.
  • NASCAR is oriented toward patriotism and America. All Winston Cup (Nextel Cup for the 2004 season) and Busch Grand National Series™ events include a national anthem, participation by the military, and most even include a fly-over of military aircraft. The only cars allowed to participate in races are the three American manufacturers (although this will change in the 2005 season)

The marketing program would include advertising on MRN Radio (race and non-race broadcasts), appearances by show cars, trailers and related equipment at public places throughout America, painting scheme and naming of the car and team designed to carry the messages of both the sponsor and associate sponsors. In addition, there is a possibility that this message will be delivered through exhibits and hospitality booths at each of the Busch Grand National Series™ races. Racecar advertising will include hood placement of name and logo along with the sponsor AMRA for one race, rear trunk (TV spot) placement for one race and front or rear fender placement for one race.

If anyone has any connection to a widely-known U.S. company that would be willing to participate in the NASCAR program with SAM-USA and help the manufacturing industry, please contact Cyndi Petrucci at 800-269-6653, ext. 570.

Thank you for your continued support!

SAM-USA currently has a slate of new officers. Bill Cermak has stepped down as chairman of SAM-USA, having energetically and admirably served the cause for more than a year and a half. He is still active on the SAM-USA board.

Our new chairman is Andrea Pedersen, who works as a manufacturers rep. She is self-employed and a very strong advocate of saving our industry. Other elected officers include:

  • Randall Steger of Applied Management Engineering (Chicago, IL), vice chairman of staff operations
  • Mike Armbrust of Mako Mold (St. Charles, IL), vice chairman and manufacturing spokesperson
  • Cyndi Petrucci of Progressive Components (Wauconda, IL), vice chairman of media relations
  • Helmut Mueller of Helm Tool (Elk Grove, IL), vice chairman of government relations
  • Tom Borse of Angle Pattern and Mold (Burr Ridge, IL), reelected as treasurer
  • Francine Petrucci of B A Die Mold, Inc. (Aurora, IL), vice chairman of Web site management
  • Mike Walter, Jr. of MET Plastics (Elk Grove Village, IL), secretary.
Andrea's first act as SAM-USA chairman was flying to Washington D.C. on March 30th to represent our organization at a meeting with a number of other grassroots organizations to work together toward common goals of saving our manufacturing industry. There was top leadership from SAMNow, Manufacturers for Fair Trade, Mad in USA, American Engineering Association, American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition, U.S. Business and Industry Council and the National Tooling and Machining Association.

The meeting was also a touch-base with organized religious leaders the Gamaliel Foundation (Chicago, IL), a nationwide network of organizations of churches, to see if there is a way to further our cause along those lines as well as our traditional strategy of uniting manufacturers as voters.

All in all, SAM-USA is moving forward, working hard to make a difference during an election year, which is an especially critical time. We appreciate any and all contributions to the cause, whether you bought a SAM-USA t-shirt, donated money or volunteered at the many trade events in which we have been fortunate to appear. We're always looking for more volunteers and support, so please contact SAM-USA if you are interested.

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