SAM: Educating On the Issues That Matter

Rallies, radio programs and educating politicians are just a few of the things that SAM is doing to spread the word about American manufacturing.


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There are many things SAM must do in Washington to educate politicians and Americans about the importance of manufacturing to our country. Many people are so far removed from the industry that they can't see its importance—although you would think that the positive effects of a growing manufacturing base in China, India and other countries would be an indication of what it has done and can continue to do for our country. So, SAM's plan is to start putting some radio infomercials on the air, beginning in the fall with college radio programs. Placing infomercials is relatively inexpensive and affords great access to students. We need financial support from manufacturers and others who care about our industry's welfare, and hope that everyone will donate whatever they can. To get involved with SAM-USA on a national, state or student-chapter level, visit the Web site at www.SAM-USA.org.

SAM would also like to make readers aware of another organization and its upcoming event. The Gamaliel Foundation (Erie, PA), a network of 2,000 churches across the United States, recently discovered that the loss of manufacturing has had a great impact on the church and family as a whole. The churches have found that attendance is up, but offerings are down because people are losing their jobs. In small towns, where only one manufacturer sometimes supports the whole town, the loss of manufacturing is really hitting hard.

The organization has been going to Washington D.C. over the past five months to rally allies around the issue of manufacturing job loss. On October 14, Erie Call—which is part of the Gamaliel Foundation network—is holding on a public action meeting in Erie at St. Jude Church, 2801 West Sixth St., at 6:30 p.m. They will be meeting with national and state and regional representatives to discuss trade policy. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend. For more information, call (814) 456-6189 or visit the organization's Web site at www.gamaliel.org. Attendance is free.