Road Trip


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Although this is a new event with a focus on connecting the entire product lifecycle, at its core—both on the exhibit floor and in the technical conference program—is mold manufacturing technologies and strategies. Here I’ve provided just a taste of the amerimold track presented by MoldMaking Technology magazine, with descriptions of our highlighted Workshops. For details on all 30 amerimold conference sessions visit pdx-amerimold.com. Participants in any “Workshops” must be pre-registered. Individual fees apply. For more details and if you would like to register, please visit pdx-amerimold.com.


Monday, May 10 & 11: TWO-DAY WORKSHOP

Virtual Workshop on Troubleshooting the Injection Molding Process, Robert A. Beard, P.E., Robert A. Beard & Associates, Inc.
This workshop is for anyone who needs to learn the cause and effect relationship that exists in the injection molding process as well as the latest tools for problem solving. Using Paulson Training Programs “SIMTECH” software, attendees are provided with all the same machine controls as on an actual machine, allowing the class to change the control settings and then see the part (and defects) that were molded under those settings in accelerated time. Interactive class problems and discussion will center on "cause and effect" and "why" each action is taken.


Monday, May 10: HALF-DAY P.M. WORKSHOP

Mold Manufacturing Technology Innovation and Application: Process Presentations and Live Machining Demos, Makino Technical Center (Mason, OH)
Process Presentations include: Automation: Where to Begin and End, Hard Milling of a High Precision Silicone Mold and Micro Mold Machining. Machining Demos include: 20 machines and remote machining demonstrations.


Thursday, May 13: HALF-DAY A.M. WORKSHOP

Mold Manufacturing/Molding Globalization Workshop: Building a Globalization Strategy, Dave Outlaw, Outlaw Seminars & Consulting
You will learn how to build a globalization strategy that will work for your business no matter what size it is.