Resolve to Get to Know Your Market Better

As we kick off 2014, we welcome a new team member with experience in gathering market intelligence.


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And right now that intelligence is projecting a busy 2014. In addition to reshoring, high levels of industrial production, and strong and improving capacity utilization at durable goods manufacturers has led to increased investment in molds and the equipment to make molds.

We are thrilled to have Steve Kline Jr. join the MMT team. Steve is part of the fourth-generation ownership of Cincinnati-based Gardner Business Media, which publishes media for the durable goods manufacturing industries, including MoldMaking Technology magazine. He is currently Gardner’s director of market intelligence and has produced forecasts for his family’s business, and for the plastics and metalworking industries. He also has been working on Gardner’s Capital Spending Survey for more than five years. Steve travels the country presenting the results of his research to a variety of organizations at numerous events. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor of science in civil engineering and earned an MBA with an emphasis in finance from the University of Cincinnati.

Reports and analysis from Steve that we will publish in MMT throughout the year will examine more than just dollars spent; his research will also highlight trends within various industry segments that affect mold manufacturing.

Keep in mind that MoldMaking Technology’s audience falls within both the metalworking and plastics markets, and comprises more than just mold builders. It also includes those individuals at OEM and molding facilities who specify, purchase, design, build, maintain or repair molds. Therefore, to capture more data and deliver better intelligence, Steve has been surveying Gardner’s entire readership of durable goods manufacturers since December 2011. This expanded survey and additional data mean enhanced reporting on the business trends for mold builders as well as those for the entire moldmaking industry, which is the focus of this magazine. We think you will find the enhanced survey and expanded data helpful in managing your business.

Understanding industry trends will help you become a more informed decision maker. It will alert you to what your competition and customers are doing so you can then plan strategically and identify potential growth markets. 

For more information, feel free to contact Steve at skline2@gardnerweb.com, 513-527-8800 or gardnerweb.com/economics/blog. He will be contributing relevant market and economic information regularly to MMT through By the Numbers: MoldMaking Business Index, End Market Reports and the MMT Blog.