Moving Right Along

SAM activities and new chapter additions help organization grow.


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Through SAM's friends at the Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME), SAM was able to get involved with SME's recent "Production and Prototype Tooling Using Rapid Technologies" program at Loyola Marymount University (Westchester, CA). The program included tours of nearby plants as well as exhibits and training sessions. SME also passed out flyers requesting attendees to join SAM's efforts.

SAM is gearing up to launch its first newsletter, which will not only include updates from the various chapters, but upcoming events, recent news, letters from politicians and featured articles written exclusively for SAM. If you haven't already, be sure to register on our website, www.SAM-USA.org, so you can be included in the mailings.

SAM is excited to welcome its newest chapters: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New York City and the Carolinas. This brings our total to twenty-six chapters. For a list of all of chapters, including contact information, please visit www.SAM-USA.org. If you are interested in forming a chapter for your town, please contact Piper Petrucci, SAM national coordinator, at piper@sam-usa.org, or call SAM national headquarters at (630) 978-4747.

The SAM media kit is now available through the website. For security precautions, it is password-protected. For access to the media kit, please send an e-mail to info@sam-usa.org or call national headquarters.

The second edition of the SAM Legislative Scoreboard is now available with a list of only the most recently added supporters. For the full list of legislative supporters and a detailed listing of their voting records and the criteria used to determine a legislator's placement on the scoreboard, go to www.SAM-USA.org or contact SAM national hedquarters to have the list faxed to you.

Finally, SAM also has been keeping an eye out on the country's legislators and is planning to mail the scoreboard to them either thanking them for their support of the manufacturing industry or encouraging them to get their name on the list by showing their efforts to help save American manufacturing. For further details, please visit the website at www.SAM-USA.org and, while you're there, register online as a SAM supporter. Thank you for your continued support!