MoldMaking Is Expanding

PDx/amerimold is still your event … with your industry’s leading moldmaking technology and service providers exhibiting the latest products and services they have to offer that are specific to your moldmaking needs, as well as industry leaders presenting alongside customers within a technical conference program with mold manufacturing at its core.


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The PDx/amerimold event has an expanded focus on the overall product development and manufacturing lifecycle—of which mold manufacture is key—giving you additional access to technologies and companies not previously found at the MoldMaking Expo (MME). That, if researched, understood and implemented, can open the door to new business opportunities—by advancing and streamlining your current operations, resulting in a better process, better communication and collaboration, and a better end product for your customer. We’re accomplishing this through more exhibits within a separate product design and development pavilion and two additional conference tracks that are accessible via our standard full-conference pass, in addition to workshops and tours for an additional fee.

The expansion of MME is all in an effort to bridge the gap between industrial designers, manufacturing engineers and original equipment manufacturers. So, along with the core technologies on display each year at MME—CAD/CAM, mold components, hot runners, mold materials, machine tools, cutting tools, inspection/measurement, surface treatment, repair—the exhibit floor has expanded to showcase additional technologies/services—rapid prototyping, scanning, simulation, reverse engineering, prototyping materials, industrial design and styling—to connect you with more front-end processes in the product lifecycle.

The technical conference program, which has been a critical component of MME continues this year within an overall conference program broken down into three tracks: (1) Mold Manufacturing, (2) Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing and (3) Industrial Design. Each track represents a facet of the product lifecycle and provides technical seminars and panel discussions that examine the technologies and strategies affecting product development and manufacture. Through this expanded conferencing, we are encouraging attendees to visit each track to learn about a segment of the product lifecycle to which they are not typically exposed—via the purchase of a full-conference pass.