Making a Connection

“Innovation is not necessarily what you see, but what you hear.” Said a wise mold manufacturing friend of mine.


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And that is the value of a live event. Helping you make connections on site—to technologies, to knowledge, to companies, to people, to ideas, to new business opportunities—through starting conversations, building relationships and solidifying partnerships all leading to innovation. And on a small scale, at last month’s inaugural PDx/amerimold, we saw just that happening.

A number of times during the event I heard, “My eyes have been opened.”—in reference to learning about the direct application of technologies on display and strategies being discussed because they were there to ask questions and get answers. Just by participating they were able to see and hear things they would not have if they remained in their shops. That is some true discovery: learning “why we weren’t doing this before”. It proves there is a vibrancy to a live event that just cannot be replaced.

This inaugural event serves as the foundation of something we can now build upon. By connecting product design and development with manufacturing on one show floor and conference program, this event challenges the principles of traditional manufacturing as well as the traditional ways of running a business today.

The worlds of product design and development and manufacturing are connected, which was evident on the show floor. And several moldmakers in attendance learned just that. They learned that today’s innovations in product design and development do affect them—in a positive way if they take the time to listen and learn about their capabilities, applications and opportunities. These technologies can help them become more valuable to their existing and potential customers.

PDx/amerimold also revealed some industry optimism. Comments from mold manufacturers, molders, OEMs and suppliers present shared one common thread: things are picking up, which correlates with our latest Mold Business Index forecasting a gradual recovery later this year.

For a closer look at what happened at this year’s event see PDx/amerimold Post-Show Report. And check out the profile of our 2010 Small Shop Leadtime Leader Award Winner: Mold Craft, Inc., whose VP of Engineer-ing and VP Operations were on hand to both educate and celebrate. A big Thank You to our sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and all who participated!

We are already preparing for next year’s event to make this experience even better for you in 2011. So, please feel free to connect with me and share any feedback or suggestions. We want to grow this event with you.