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This year is quickly coming to an end and what a year it has been. One that has shown huge growth potential within the mold manufacturing sector—specifically in the automotive, medical and packaging sectors; and there has been demand for new molds. Molds whose complexity continues to increase making designs more difficult. This requires moldmakers to invest in the right technology to equal the complexities with which they are working. This year we’ve seen technology suppliers motivated to reintroduce and develop technology for our niche marketplace and this just reinforces that today’s  moldmakers need the right technologies to manufacture a mold that can perform repeatedly and reliably—and with shrinking leadtimes and the utmost in quality.

Mold manufacturers that can do that are leaders of the pack. But even leaders still have a tough road ahead full of frustrating challenges they must face head on. Laurie Harbour, President of Harbour Results, Inc. outlines such challenges and considerations in her How to Improve Your Business to be Best-in-Class article.

Laurie breaks down seven specific challenges moldmakers must consider as they plan for future growth— payment terms, pricing, increased volumes, quoting, capacity constraints, skilled labor and global pressures. It is addressing and managing these appropriately that will help you take advantage of the many opportunities out there for mold manufacturers to improve business performance and move into that leader class. And I’d like to say that our Leadtime Leaders fit this class.

Our Leadtime Leaders—since 2003 when the program launched—are mold manufacturers who excel when it comes to innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while at the same time strive to raise the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management. You can check out our past Leadtime Leaders online at moldmakingtechnology.com.

Some benefits of “winning” include a full feature cover story on your shop in MoldMaking Technology magazine’s show issue; two complimentary conference registrations for amerimold 2013 – June 12 - 13, 2013 in Rosemont, IL, and even a targeted advertising program in Plastics Technology magazine (ptonline.com) to market your products and services to more than 26,000 molding subscribers at more than 11,500 molding facilities!

It’s probably about time you leaders out there shared your story. Readers of this magazine are not only your peers in moldmaking, but also your current and potential customers! MoldMaking Technology magazine is read by molders and OEMs also—so they too can keep up on the latest technology and trends when it comes to the molds they buy, design, build, repair and maintain. If your business is a leader of the pack consider nominating your shop. Visit moldmakingtechnology.com/articles/leadtime-leader-awards or contact me at cfuges@gardnerweb.com or (800) 579-8809.