VIDEO: Mesmerizing Metal Cutting

There’s nothing quite like quality footage of tools in the cut. This one’s particularly interesting.


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I’ve seen plenty of machining “action shots,” but the quality varies widely. In many cases, they’re grainy, and the cutting action is obscured by flying chips and coolant. That’s certainly not the case here. We’re even treated to close-up, slow motion view of chips curling as they’re carved off the workpiece. Neat stuff, to be sure.

This particular footage, a combination of two different videos, was supplied by Ingersoll Cutting Tools (similar examples can be found on the company’s Youtube page). The tool shown here is the manufacturer’s Hi-QuadF high-feed face mill, which is also the subject of an April-issue case study that details its use in not just high-feed applications but in relatively heavy, deep cuts as well. That’s thanks largely to its thick, robust inserts. Read the article to learn more. 

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