1/4/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Throwback Thursday: Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Shop Safety

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It’s never a bad time to revisit features that remind us of the importance of safety in a shop environment.


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I’m posting the first MMT Throwback Thursday of 2018. As I considered what issue and feature article to bring you today, it occurred to me that one year ago, in our January 2017 issue, Ryan Pohl, founder of Praeco Skills LLC, debuted his now-popular Skills Center series about apprentice training. 

In this first installment, Ryan sets out what we already know: That finding even basically qualified young apprentices to recruit is difficult. It’s been this way since school districts eliminated shop and auto repair classes from their curricula, so mold shops have had to start at ground zero with training. They need all the help they can get, and Ryan’s column has helped shops get their resources around the right way to recruit, train and retain apprentices.

As the title says, this column is about shop safety—something everyone should always be aware of and brush up on, every year, especially in a manufacturing environment. Check out “Apprentice Training: Shop Safety,” and if you like it (and I bet you will) you can find more Skills Center columns by Ryan Pohl on the MMT website.

P.S. Ryan recently joined MMT’s Editorial Advisory Board, so you’ll definitely be hearing more from him this year.

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