Throwback Thursday: Selection Process for Stainless Mold Steels

Successful production of plastic components associated with the extrusion, injection and compression molding greatly depends on the mold material selection.


Mold material selection is more than just a matter of choosing the cheapest or easiest material available at a given time. It’s a process, as critical to the success of a mold as the design and machining protocols used to build it. Today’s TBT provides a tutorial on factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing mold materials, and there are several, including:

  • final plastic part requirements
  • cosmetic requirements
  • resin type, 
  • filler content
  • expected tool life
  • production environment
  • expected cycle time
  • heat treatment
  • weldability and machinability.

This Throwback is from 2011, and mold materials have multiplied since then to offer an array of choices and benefits, but it’s never a bad idea to review these important steps from supplier Schmolz+Bickenbach USA, Inc..

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