Throwback Thursday: Advances in Video Collaboration

Everything is about video nowadays. Whether it is used to educate, explain, market, storytell, politicize or excite, to name a few. This throwback shows how video can be used on the shopfloor to help improve customer communication.   

The standard form of video collaboration facilitates face-to-face meetings in video conferencing meeting boardrooms. For mold manufacturers, though, the heart of their business is often the shop floor—where traditional video conferencing doesn’t reach. With the development of new mobile technologies, the opportunity for video collaboration has expanded onto the shop floor, to a supplier or customer location, or into the field where the problems are occurring.

Mobile technologies generally include wireless video devices for use on the plant floor and collaboration software for the remote experts’ desktops. Shop workers use the mobile device to share video, voice, telestration (i.e., onscreen drawing) and images with the experts who interact live through the collaboration PC software in a totally secure manner.

Read the full article here to learn about the network requirements to set this up and the benefits.

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