Those Fussy Two Shot Molds

Having expertise in molding has certainly served this shop well in its mold building business and helped it become a full service facility, but what makes them interesting is their approach to two-shot molds.

Master Precision Mold Technology builds difficult and close tolerance molds. Its niche has always been two-shot molds. The benefits of this high precision technology include:
  1. In-mold assembly—by consolidation of several parts into one molded part, the need for costly secondary assembly is removed.
  2. Durability of graphics—while painted or printed graphics wear quickly, two-shot graphics are virtually indelible— as permanent as the part itself.
  3. Improved customer appeal—Soft-touch grips (the largest growth sector of two-shot molding) improves the perceived quality of any product.
Now, two-shot molding is a fussy and capital intensive molding technology, so this mold builder offers its molding customers an exclusive service when it comes to the tooling. Master Precision owns the two-shot base and the customer owns the insert that goes into the base: fractional tooling. 
Although admittedly a basic concept, it's tricky when it comes to two-shot molds. According to the company, this tooling can cut the overall tooling cost by 50 percent or more and speed the development time by weeks.
A perfect application for this approach is a project that needs the price of automatic two-shot parts, but has a difficult time justifying the capital investment of tooling.
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