The Advantage of a Trunnion

For this moldmaker, a trunnion-style five-axis machine offered certain advantages over its previous, swivel-head-style models.


The HPM 800U HD’s trunnion-type design was a key factor in the shop’s choice of machine, but this particular model had even more to offer.  

G.H. Tool & Mold had more than raw capability in mind when it began the search for a new five-axis machining center.

By that point, the company already had two five-axis machines on the floor. While aging, both were perfectly capable, save for one problem: their massive spindle heads tended to impede access to certain workpiece fixtures. Rather than a machine that rotates the spindle around the workpiece, the shop decided its next model would rotate the workpiece around the spindle.

The model it chose, a Mikron HPM 800U-HD from GF Machining Solutions, delivers more than just a trunnion-type configuration. It also offers a number of other features that improve cycle times and surface quality. Learn more here.

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