Technology Tuesday: Automation Fuels Productivity

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Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday blog to see ways in which automation is boosting productivity and efficiency in moldmaking.


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Automation helps shops respond effectively to demands for shorter lead times, lower costs and better quality. It opens opportunities to increase productivity and to efficiently use available resources. In thinking about making investments in automation, key questions emerge. How can humans and robots interact safely? How, specifically, will an investment lead to increased profits or shortened lead times? What are the latest features in automation equipment? Are investments in things like robots the best choice? 

Interested in the latest automation strategies? Check out the Automation ZoneGet the latest details on automation products, like an automation cell from Methods Machine Tools Inc. that incorporates robots to produce 3D parts, or watch videos to see how automation influences shop practices in action.

Featured in this week’s slideshow are articles on the latest automation trends and strategies with suppliers and consultants from Yaskawa America, Inc.Industrial MoldsEROWA Technology Inc.Fairway MoldsMakinoSingle Source TechnologiesBuild-a-Mold and OPEN MIND Technologies USA Inc.. Links to relevant articles are located in the slideshow captions.


  • Mold Design Tips for Automation

    Automation suppliers can assist mold manufacturers with proper mold design and engineering before cutting steel for new molds. Hot runner molds, cold runner molds, box filling, insert molding, stack molds and multi-component molding are areas that can be built and managed more inexpensively, reliably and simpler.

  • New Developments in High-Speed Machining Technology

    In the last two years, there have been many exciting developments in high-speed machining relative to machining centers and controls, tooling and CAD/CAM systems.

  • Case Study: Machining

    High-Speed Machining Center Offers Superior Surface Finish for Aluminum Molds