TBT: Building a Better Mold

A look at mold performance and maintenance issues through a few simple reports in the right sequence will allow you to drill down into what the issues are really costing you.

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Top-running molds: 2003 - 2006. Image courtesy of MoldTrax LLC.


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Maybe I’m being a stickler for getting this message across to moldmakers, but I carry a flag for systemized mold maintenance. I learned about how critical it is to a mold’s performance (and the bottom line) from working many years with an expert on the subject: Steve Johnson.

In honor of Steve's latest Maintenance Matters column in MMT (See our February issue), I’m flipping back to the February 2009 issue for an older, but still very relevant, column he submitted titled “Building a Better Mold.” In it, Steve makes a case for systematically tracking the performance of your molds and using that data to analyze any issues you may encounter. By doing so, you’re very likely to uncover the “bad apple” that’s, as he says, “quietly eating away company profits.”

You’ll find three examples of charts you can use to set up a tracking system for your molds, and if implemented properly and used daily by your team, you might be surprised at what you discover and what can be done about it. Click here for the article.

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