6/6/2017 | 2 MINUTE READ

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Amerimold Exhibitor Products

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Manufacturing trends are constantly changing, and in this thriving global marketplace, it's very important that you keep up with the latest processes, techniques and applications to ensure your company can be an active part of the industry. Take a look at more of the technology to be on display next week at Amerimold.

Next week marks the 18th annual Amerimold expo, but for this year’s event, we have decided to keep all of the learning on the show floor. That means our traditional technical conference program will now take place in a tech theater in the exhibit hall, amidst all the product, equipment and services technology on display (see slideshow and and MMT's Amerimold Zone). These Tech Talks are sponsored by Autodesk. In addition to the following sessions, we will also be holding in-booth machining and molding technology demonstrations

You can see the full education schedule here. Tech Talks include:

Putting Additive Manufacturing to Work for You. Phoenix Deventures, MGS Mfg. Group, Conformal Cooling Solutions and 3D Systems/Cimatron Software will discuss hybrid machine technology for producing mold inserts, benefits and limitations of 3D printing cores and cavities, a multi-layer 3D robotic-deposition process, and software solutions.

Using Automation to Productionize Mold Manufacturing. Industrial Molds Group and Erowa Technology will share how automated five-axis machining/EDM cells and the right planning enable “real-time” mold production.

Unleash the Full Potential of CAD and Simulation Tools. Longterm Technology Services and Autodesk will present software to make designs live and simulation solutions to optimize the mold-build process, and improve mold and part quality.

Strategies for Reducing Mold Downtime. Mold-Rite Plastics and MoldTrax Maintenance Solutions will show how to use metrics to measure, set preventive maintenance frequencies and calculate unscheduled mold-stop costs.

Realizing the Full Potential of Machining Technology. 2016 Leadtime Leader Award winner Krieger Craftsman will share its use of the right machining technologies to enable extended lights-out machining and achieve higher-quality, higher-precision tools.

Smart Molding: Understanding the Mold and Machine. Winzeler Gear will present how to grow your mold manufacturing business by investing in new “smart” molding machine technology.

Using Data to Drive Improvements in Marketing, Manufacturing and Customer Relations. Precise Tooling Solutions will break down how collecting and evaluating the right data will improve your decision-making and change your company culture.

The Key to Optimal Machining Productivity. Paragon Die & Engineering and Autodesk will team up to show how the right CAM can ensure parts are produced to exceptional levels of precision and quality with no manual polishing or re-work.

Maximizing Cutting Tool Performance. Haimer and OSG USA will talk about cutting tools specifically designed to eliminate chatter in very deep machining applications, and EDM versus machining cycle times when deep L/D ratios are involved.

Advances in Hot Runner Technology. HTS International, HRSflow and Synventive Molding Solutions will discuss passive cooling devices on hot-runner actuators and valve pin monitoring; the impact of conformal cooling and heating on bushings, gate pads and hot-runner manifolds; and fine-tuning melt flow and volume.

Other show highlights include our 2017 Leadtime Leader Awards, “Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker” T-shirt giveaway and casino networking event. Register today, and we’ll see you in Rosemont!

Register today, and hopefully I will see you next week. Stop by Booth 205 to say hello!


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