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This week’s Technology Showcase is all EDM, with several new products on the market that were introduced during 2016.

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This week’s Technology Showcase is all EDM, with several new products featured that were introduced during 2016. There are so many aspects to consider when looking to purchase an EDM machine and other products for electrode production, but the one constant goal everyone shares is to make the EDM process as accurate and efficient as possible. Perhaps one of these products might offer a solution.

Take a look, and remember to check back again later for more coverage during 2017. In the meantime, too, MMT offers an archive full of informative content about today’s EDM technologies and how various mold manufacturers are using it to advance their operations.


  • Maintaining a Wire EDM Machine

    To achieve the ultimate capability and level of productivity from your wire EDM on a consistent, repeatable and reliable basis, regular maintenance is a required task.

  • The Basics of High-Speed EDM Hole Drilling

    This article discusses how EDM hold drilling - designed for fast, accurate small- and deep-hole drilling applications - has become a whole new method of manufacturing molds and parts.

  • Using Copper and Graphite Electrodes: The Big Picture

    Since graphite and copper provide approximately the same surface finish, one must consider the shop - floor environment - and examine the advantages and disadvantages before choosing a material.

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