MoldMaking Minute

Mold manufacturing is an industry that has grown accustomed to sharing with each other--whether that is networking at a trade association event, presenting at an industry conference or telling their story on the pages of MoldMaking Technology. We want to take this one step further, but we need your help: participation in a simple, quick quarterly survey.

This help involves participation in a simple, quick quarterly survey to collect and share data on various categories of interest and/or hot topics within mold manufacturing.  The results of each MoldMaking Minute survey would serve as food for thought and inspiration for industry peers; purely information sharing.

We discussed this data sharing with our Editorial Advisory Board and identified some key topics that our survey may cover throughout the year. 

Business Growth

Sales and marketing efforts

Quotation practices

Trends/indicators monitored and developments

End market(s) monitored and developments





Training (e.g. apprenticeships; shopfloor to sales force)


Succession planning


Continual improvement







Customer Satisfaction

Rework (own and imports)


Monitoring methods

Community involvement

We decided to start with business growth, which is always top of mind.  Results will be tallied, analyzed and delivered via MMT’s blog, enewsletter and across our social media platforms.

Click here to take our MoldMaking Minute survey, and as always, thank you for sharing. 

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