7/8/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mold Builder Creates Mobile Social Distancing Solution

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MoldMaking Technology's 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Precise Tooling Solutions introduces ViralBarrier—an effective and affordable mobile barrier that prevents transmission of coronavirus.


Worker health and safety is the number one concern for every mold shop across North America as the pandemic continues, and that was motivation enough for the Precise Tooling Solutions team in Columbus, Indiana, to create what their name suggests—a solution.

Being MoldMaking Technology’s 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner makes it no surprise that Precise would see a problem and jump into developing a solution. It’s what they (and every mold builder) do for a living every day.

This specialty manufacturer with four business units—new injection mold building, mold repair and productivity improvements, CNC machining projects and custom ergonomic workbenches lift bases assembly and material handling applications—put its talent and skill to work developing the ViralBarrier, a durable, easy to maneuver, affordable shield that prevents transmission of coronavirus and COVID-19.

Designed with input from seasoned instructors, it creates safe social distancing whether standing, sitting in a chair or even sitting on the floor.  And, it’s easily sanitized with a non-abrasive disinfecting agent. 

ViralBarrier is fully mobile, easy to move with one hand, uses shatterproof polycarbonate clear as glass, has hooded swivel-casters with brakes for easy repositioning, offers optional mid-level shelf for digital devices and instructional aids, and simple to sanitize with non-abrasive disinfectants. And, this mobile barrier qualifies under the CARES Act as protective equipment.

Precise craftsmen are ready to build orders right now. These units are fully assembled when delivered—no tools or fasteners required. Production time is currently 15-20 days. Custom orders may require more time. A Purchase Order is required to initiate production, and quantity discounts are available for large


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