MMT Chats: Being Dynamic Amid Crisis

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Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut, stresses the importance of understanding and embracing change, and leadership and communication during a crisis.


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I spoke with Hillary Coombs, Strategic Leader at Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut, about embracing change, leading and communicating during a crisis.

“I believe that one of the best things about our culture is one of our core values of ‘being dynamic,’ which means understanding that change is necessary. And right now, every single person is having to embrace change, they're having to embrace ambiguity,​​” Coombs says.

​​​​For example, she explains how employees are flexing. They are doing what needs to be done to get the job done, and along the way people are learning more about their true capabilities and learning new skills.

​​​​Watch this MMT Chats video for the full conversation.


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