Intuitive, Intelligent and Interactive

Yesterday, I got to witness firsthand the debut of two new EDM machines from Makino—and the new touchscreen control that mimics tablet and smartphone technology.



Those three words were used by EDM Product Manager Brian Pfluger to describe the Hyper-i control found on the new EDM machines. The U3 and U6 wire EDM machines made their U.S. debut at Makino’s Technology Days.

Brian said this control is very user-friendly and is very versatile. “We are giving the operator everything they need right at their fingertips,” he told me, “with a pinch, spread and drag technology found on today’s smart phones and tablets.

He also explained that the control is very customizable to individual operators as well as those who work different shifts. Some additional features include onboard electronic manuals, instructional videos and a diagnosis tool.


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