1/17/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

If A Mold Could Talk ... What Would It Say?

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The MMT “Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker” t-shirt has become very popular over the years as a way for moldmaking professionals to share their humor, but recently I discovered another way for you to unleash your wit and wisdom: introducing the “Life of a Mold” campaign! And, we need your help.


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The moldmaking industry comes to life when conversations turn toward the extreme challenges of a mold build, the absurdity of customer requests, the outrageousness of employee mistakes, or the unrealistic expectations of the next-generation of moldmaking professionals.

Yet, one of the many things the men and women of this industry do well is laugh at themselves. They are the hardest working people I know,
but they can always find humor and joy in the daily frustrations
of their work.

Hence, MMT’s ever-popular “Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker” t-shirts. Well, recently I discovered another way for mold manufacturers to unleash their wit and wisdom: introducing the “Life of a Mold” campaign!

Consider the life of a mold and everything it goes through from design to first shot to maintenance and repair. Then consider what a mold would say as it passes through quoting, designing, machining, inspection, molding, polishing,
assembly, cleaning, welding, etc. It’s basically MMT’s version of a meme!



But before we ask you to share your mold rantings given a scenario, let’s first give this character, this industry mascot, a name. We’d love to hear your
ideas for what we can call our new buddy!

Head to moldmakingtechnology.com/zones/amerimold to submit your idea. We need your ideas by January 31st, so act fast!

We’ll announce the winning name on our social media channels and in next
month’s issue of MoldMaking Technology.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter at @MMTMag to stay up to date with our new friend’s adventures, and to play along with us as we learn what our little friend’s voice sounds like. If you want to tweet your idea, make sure to use the hashtag #IfAMoldCouldTalk so we can all follow along.



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