10/4/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Hurray! It's Manufacturing Day!

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Manufacturing companies all over North America are hosting or participating in Manufacturing Day events to help teach youth about the importance of manufacturing and the career opportunities available.


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Today is Manufacturing Day, a special day set aside the first Friday in October to celebrate the importance of manufacturing in North America and its many contributions. According to mfgday.com, the official website of Manufacturing Day, there are more than 1,660 Manufacturing Day events planned in the United States alone, and that does not count companies that host events without registering them.

How is Manufacturing Day celebrated? There are a number of ways, but one of the best—and a way many mold manufacturing companies do it—is by inviting students, teachers, parents and others in the community to tour their facilities and learn what modern manufacturing is today. They are also educated about the many rewarding career opportunities in advanced manufacturing. Seeing is believing.

MoldMaking Technology has blogged and printed many feature stories about companies in our industry, suppliers included, who celebrate manufacturing like this. Many continue their efforts year round by becoming involved with local middle and high schools, community colleges and universities to help them by donating products for teaching and serving on advisory boards. We applaud them. (You can find many of our features, blogs and also videos about how companies are successfully recruiting and training the next generation here.)


Helping Spread the Word

This year the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has joined with the Manufacturing Institute to co-produce Manufacturing Day, and has created a series of videos and a website called Creators Wanted. The two organizations even created a social media tool kit (#creatorswanted) to communicate manufacturing’s message and promote Manufacturing Day events on the social mediums young people use every day.

Manufacturers everywhere are getting involved. If not on the first Friday of October, they are participating throughout the month or whenever the timing seems right. No matter how you get involved, please do. Let’s work together to promote advanced manufacturing—moldmaking—to the next generation.

Watch for stories about moldmakers who are participating this year in future blog posts. Happy Manufacturing Day!




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