How Is Manufacturing Using Media?

Gardner Research releases its “Media Usage in Manufacturing 2015” survey results report that reveals demographic characteristics and media usage trends of today’s manufacturing technology buyer.


Gardner Research, the market intelligence division of Gardner Business Media, Inc., has announced the results of the fifth annual “Media Usage in Manufacturing” survey of industrial professionals. The survey, completed in the first quarter of 2015, includes a group of 2,288 respondents composed mainly of executives, managers and engineers at companies engaged in durable goods manufacturing. 

Some key findings include the following:

BUYING CYCLE:  Nearly 70% look for products or services at least once a week.

MEDIA:  Websites and trade magazines are the two most accessed and effective information resources for manufacturing professionals.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  LinkedIn and YouTube continue to be the most useful social media sites for manufacturing buyers.

SEARCH:   When reviewing search engine returns, manufacturing professionals favor technical articles and known brands over images, ads and videos.

MOBILE:   Overall mobile adoption is relatively flat, but significant gains appear in laptop and tablet usage; primary tablet use is email.

Click here for the full report including complete survey results, insights on industrial marketing trends and buyer behavior. Digital edition here.


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