How Do You Compare with the Typical IMTS Attendee?

A new infographic breaks down what types of people attended and why.


 IMTS attendees gather at the show’s emerging technology center, where an entire car was built from the ground up via additive manufacturing technology. (This was later featured on the "Today" show.)

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than 2 months since the big show. By all accounts, IMTS 2014 was a hit. The fourth largest IMTS in history, its 114,147 registrants marked a 14-percent increase over the 2012 show and helped make the event the largest six-day show ever.

But just who were those 114,147 people? That is, what are their roles within their companies, how large are those companies, and what did attendees hope to get out of the event? The answers to these questions are featured in an infographic that appeared in a recent edition of the IMTS Insider e-newsletter. Visit to see it.

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