Fun, Games and Celebrations at Amerimold 2019

Last updated on 7/26/2019
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Let it be known that at Amerimold, no one ever goes home without a smile and some fun memories after the Networking Party!

Amerimold is fun. Amerimold brings many opportunities for networking, meeting old friends and colleagues and just getting a bit silly and relaxing. This is especially true of Amerimold’s annual Networking Party, which everyone looks forward to after the first day of the show closes. We would like to thank Progressive Components for once again sponsoring this great event.

This year’s theme was the Roaring 20s, in honor of Amerimold’s 20th anniversary! Of course there were a lot of beverages and some good food consumed, but we also had a few new things for all who joined us.

Here are some fun (and silly) moments from this year’s event. We hope they make you smile! If you were there and you have some fun pics to share, please send them to us. If you missed the party this year, there is always next year in Novi, Michigan! 



  • A Look at What You Missed

    What happens at Amerimold stays at Amerimold. Well, that’s not true. Attendees return to their shops with what they’ve learned from the technical conference program and exhibit floor technology displays. Here is a look at what you may have missed.

  • VIDEO: How Five-Axis Continuous Machining Can Advance the Manufacture of Complex Molds

    MoldMaking Technology Senior Editor Cynthia Kustush interviews Greg Pozzo, applications team leader for Makino, to learn more about the company's introduction of five-axis continuous machining and its benefits for moldmaking.

  • What’s Your HR Pain Point?

    Members of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) gathered together last week in a breakout session geared toward helping them bridge their HR “pain points” by sharing experiences and solutions.