7/28/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Fun Friday: Moldmakers and Their Toys

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Moldmakers work hard, but they also like to play hard. Chicago AMBA members held a mini car show during its summer dinner meeting.


It’s a well-known expression around my family and the moldmaking industry—moldmakers and their toys. It’s because moldmakers like to have fun when they aren’t hard at work in their shops. I remember one t-shirt a dear friend in the industry had that said, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” That about sizes it up!

Since it’s Friday, and because I attended the American Mold Builders Association’s Chicago Chapter BBQ and dinner meeting on Wednesday evening, which featured a mini car show and bags games, I wanted to share the fun and photos.(Thanks go to Creative Technology for contributing some of the images seen here.)

I’ve met many moldmakers over the years who have fun and interesting hobbies and lots of toys. I’d like to post more fun blogs about moldmakers and their toys, so don’t hesitate to send a few images of your favorites, whether it’s cars, trucks, tractors, boats, snowmobiles, trains – whatever your pastime is when you’re not working. Be sure to supply some details about what’s in the photos, how long you’ve been collecting or enjoying your hobbies, where and with who. You get my drift. When I collect enough, I’ll post another Fun Friday blog!

Enjoy – and Happy Friday!


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