9/12/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Emerging Leader Steve Yingst Leads with Lean Manufacturing

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Steve successfully embraced the largest project his company has taken on in the last decade and continually improves it each month.

As an engineer and lean expert, Steve Yingst applies the highest level of creativity to find new solutions to overcome issues that have historically plagued business performance and employee engagement at his company. He has a passion for safety and continuous improvement, making his plant the “shining star” of the Flinchbaugh facilities, according to his nominator.

Steve Yingst

Steve Yingst

Steve, who is also an excellent profit and loss manager, opened his own plant within three months, which is the largest project his company has embraced in the last decade. This finished goods warehouse was transformed into a fourth fully functional manufacturing facility, climate controlled, with 21 CNC machines, and a workforce of 18 machinists. Building 4 is a better version of the larger Flinchbaugh Engineering as a result of these efforts and the fact that Steve will do what it takes to earn a customer’s business, his nominator says.

Steve currently serves on the Leadership Team at Flinchbaugh Engineering and is a board member of SME in York, Pennsylvania. He is also actively engaged in supporting STEM at local high schools, technical schools and colleges.

“Steve consistently demonstrates exceptional leadership ability, while delivering company leading financial results,” his nominator says.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and actively supports youth ministry through his church.


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