9/19/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Emerging Leader David Burton is Eager to Learn

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The CNC lathe leader started as an entry level CNC machine operator and has advanced to lead a high-volume program on a complex, twin-turret lathe.


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David started at Global Precision Industries (GPI) in 2015 as an entry level

David Burton

David Burton, CNC Lathe Leader, Global Precision Industries

CNC machine operator. He knew little about manufacturing, but showed up for work every day with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn. “Dave exemplifies what every machine shop is looking for in an employee today, someone who is willing to do whatever necessary to make the company and his coworkers successful,” his nominator says.

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In 2017, he was asked to help run a new program for a high-volume automotive customer on a complex twin turret lathe, which was a new piece of equipment for GPI. David learned everything possible about that job and worked with management to improve cycle time, cutting tool costs and gaging, and learned how to better train other operators for the job. Today, he is the “go-to guy” for that program and is responsible for all the new training and improvements for that job.

He also plans to further his education by studying machine trades at a local community college.

“Dave has developed a ton here and has helped to develop those around him, along with improving GPI's performance in the lathe department,” his nominator says. “Dave has everyone at GPI excited about his future here.”

For more information about David and our other Production Machining 2019 Emerging Leaders, read “Meet Production Machining’s 2019 Emerging Leaders.

If you’d like to nominate an Emerging Leader for 2020 or find out more information about the program, visit our nomination page.


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