Drop and Give Me 20!

Originally titled 'Drop and Give Me 20 '

Well,10 or even one of your top reasons for being a moldmaker today. Every year this industry shows off its wit and humor with our annual Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker T-shirts, so don’t let us down. 

This year is no exception, we still want to know your number one reason(s) to be a moldmaker. The funnier the better, so don't hold back! And you can win great prizes!

We'll pick the top 10 and print them on a one-of-a-kind commemorative t-shirt that we'll distribute to Amerimold attendees in Novi, Michigan at Suburban Collection Showplace, June 13-14th from the MoldMaking Technology booth. And, this is a special 20th anniversary year for MMT, so don’t hold back.

If you need another reason to participate, check these out:

  • All participants will receive a free exhibit hall pass to Amerimold ($25 value) and a Top 10 Reasons to Be a MoldMaker t-shirt!
  • Authors of submissions selected for the Top 10 will receive a free Amerimold ALL ACCESS PASS! The Amerimold ALL ACCESS PASS includes: a free exhibit hall pass ($25 value),a ticket to the Amerimold VIP Networking Reception ($50 value), and your name, title, and company name will be listed in the Amerimold 2018 Event Directory!
  • The author of the #1 Reason to Be a MoldMaker will receive the Amerimold ALL ACCESS PASS AND a $250 Visa gift card!

Some past winning reasons include:

  • There is no crying in moldmaking!
  • It let's me fill deep cavities with a hard tool all day long.
  • The first moldmaker was God.
  • You love the way that chips scratch your cornea every time you blink.
  • Moldmakers do it with precision.
  • We make "Made in USA" possible.
  • It's a choice, tool or die.
  • Your DNA mark is on every mold you build—from your own blood.
  • It was moldmaking or jail.
  • Moldmakers are good to the core.

Submit your 2018 entry? 


Then show us your shirts. Get the gang together, snap a picture and email it to: cfuges@gardnerweb.com

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