Digital Mold Maintenance & Repair Supplement is Available

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This month MoldMaking Technology presents its annual Mold Maintenance &Repair supplement, featuring topics such as toolroom maintenance strategies, the hidden value of spotting presses in mold validation and repair, ultrasonic cleaning, laser welding and more Check out the digital edition today.


For mold builders involved in molding MMT provides educational content that is just outside of our traditional realm and that enters the world of processing—all in an effort to help make mold builders better suppliers to their customers. On the flip side, OEMs and molders (such as Rex Plastics) that retain strong in-house moldmaking capabilities or toolrooms dedicated to mold maintenance and repair need to stay current with the latest products, equipment and processes to properly maintain and fix molds. For that, MMT publishes its annual Mold Maintenance and Repair supplement that reviews topics such as toolroom maintenance strategies, the hidden value of spotting presses in mold validation and repair, ultrasonic cleaning, laser welding and more. Check it out here.



  • Vacuum Heat Treating of Tool Steels

    Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well-suited to be made into tools, however, special attention needs to be paid during their heat treatment so as to achieve the best properties for a given application.

  • How to Optically Polish Aluminum

    There are two methods for optically polishing aluminum - knowing the right one for your project will save you time and money.

  • Laser Welding Versus Micro Welding

    The latest battle in finely detailed restoration/repair of mold materials.