Cutting to the Chase on New Cutting Tool Options

Ingersoll Cutting Tool's Die and Mold Seminar featured all that's new in the company's arsenal of milling, drilling, turning and insert products, and more.


A few days ago I had the opportunity to attend the Die and Mold Seminar at Ingersoll Cutting Tools in Rockford, Illinois. I learned a lot about cutting tools, including the variety of options available to die and mold machinists, derived benefits to users when they choose the right tool for the job and how Ingersoll is working to expand its already extensive offerings to make cutting metal faster, easier and more economical.

While many of Ingersoll’s popular standards were discussed, several new products also were featured, the finer details (including videos) available at For today’s blog purposes, I’ll list some of the new products specific to die and mold machining – then, click here to view a few of the photos I snapped during the open house on Ingersoll’s impressive campus.

New cutters for die and mold applications include:

  • Gold-QuadF Feed Cutters (new 9mm IC insert expansion). Ingersoll has a customer who reports getting 3.5 hours-per-edge cutting Titanium with this high-feed cutter line featuring “ultra-strong, super-free cutting insert geometry”. Ingersoll says that in die and mold, the Gold-QuadF has become a proven high-feed cutter, and moldmakers will find of particular interest the SDES1305MPR and SDES1906MPR series inserts, which excel in cavity and core rough-outs. Learn more.
  • Power-Feed13+ (featuring UNEU1307R, 13mm IC insert for improved high-feed milling up to 2mm DOC) with six cutting edges and refined high-speed geometry to eject chips forward. Learn more.
  • Pro-Duo Roughing and Semi-Finishing Ball Nose (double-sided insert with two cutting edges) available in modular TopOn or fixed standard versions. Learn more.
  • Drill-In™ line of solid carbide drills are an improvement over an older line that is being phased out, according to Ingersoll. New DJ and DH drills are reported to offer more optimized cutting edges for improved stability, wider flute design for better chip evacuation and precise web thinning for excellent self-centering capability. Learn more.
  • Di-Pos Hexa FHU Series flat-bottom plunge mills feature new 4mm size. Using the same insert as end mills and face mills, this version reports having six cutting edges (3+3) and is ideal for producing a flat bottom on a workpiece, even in unstable conditions. Learn more.

Look for Ingersoll Cutting Tools at IMTS booth W-1822.

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